Download our 100 Stories Before School booklist to help you find types of quality books for your Preschooler.

The list has a wide range of books for you to choose from. Add more books on the last page that your family also love.

Some stories can be read with under 3 year olds.

Many books are also on the K-2 New South Wales Premiers Reading List.

Link to the Reading Challenge booklists

We will include new books each year, and welcome suggestions.


When you have read 100 stories, print our certificate for your child to celebrate all your sharing of stories and special time together.

Remember, you don’t have to read all 100 stories on the list. Reading the same story more than once can be counted each time.

Bookmarks can be used to find certain types of books at the library or online. Others are for book activities or 100 Stories Before School links.

Use the fliers with our cheeky Australian characters to encourage more reading.

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Family booklist


Booklist addition


Kangaroo Flyer


Possum Flyer


Stickers (I Shared…)


Stickers (I’m ready for…)


Bookmarks (Finding Books)


Bookmarks (100 Stories)


Bookmarks (Elephants)


Flyer (Lorikeet)


The Certificate


We used the following round sticker sheets to print out our stickers.
Avery print to the edge round labels.
12 labels per sheet.
120 labels per pack.
60 mm diameter.
Reference: 980001
L7105 software code.