Mrs Dog and Baa Raa help grow imagination.

Janeen Brian and Marjorie Crosby Fairhall recently held one of the best story times we’ve been to.(Thanks to Paul Macdonald from The Children’s Bookshop. (Recent winner of the 2016 Lady Cutler award)

Mrs Dog is a story built over many  years and experiences.Both its award winning author- Janeen Brian ( I’m a Dirty Dinosaur fame) […]

We’re making a street library

So….what’s a ‘little street library”?
It’s a small community library offering free books to your local community.

Most libraries encourage swapping a book for a book.

I don’t think it matters, as long as there’s always enough books in the street library to choose from.Our library will have a mixture of kids and adults books, with some from […]

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Australian Christmas stories-sun not snow!

This time of year, getting ready for Australian Christmas celebrations can become quite crazy.

Kids are finishing up at school and preschool .It can seem a never-ending rush from one place to another.

We’ve put together eleven  Australian Christmas stories (and eleven extra favourites) to share 10 minutes of calm together.Almost one a day until Christmas!

With […]

Australian Stories about starting big school

Starting Big School is a very special, and sometimes overwhelming, time in young children and their families lives.

I can still remember our first child starting school, wearing the same jumper his father had worn, knitted again by his Nana.

Sharing stories together enables children to ask questions about big school and explore their emotions about […]

Book Review: “Splosh for the Billabong” and “Summer Rain” ( Aboriginal theme)

We’re always looking for quality picture books with Aboriginal themes.

Both these books have been nominated for Speech Pathology Book of the Year 2015 ( Birth- 3 years).

We think they would be excellent revisited as early readers.
“ Summer Rain” by Ros Moriarty, Illustrated by Balarinji. Allen and Unwin.

Summer Rain is set in the wet season […]


HOP UP! WRIGGLE OVER! by Elizabeth Honey, Allen and Unwin.
If you’re looking for a beautiful Australian book for a new arrival or young child, this is high on our list.

Enjoy nine different Australian baby animals cavorting through the day with their koala and kangaroo parents.( All named on the […]

My Nanna is a Ninja-love those Grandparents!

We’re reading an extra book for Simultaneous Storytime this year.

If you would like a book for children not quite ready for “the Brothers Quibble “ by Aaron Blabey, Penguin; why not try My Nana is a Ninja by Damon Young, illustrated by Peter Carnavas, Queensland University Press.

This story would also be useful for Grandparent […]

“the Brothers Quibble”- Simultaneous Storytime

Each year in Simultaneous Storytime, thousands of Australian children all share the same book at the same time.

It’s held at your local library and some schools, early education centres, playgroups or community groups.Whether or not you can attend a group,here are lots of resources to help make it loads of fun.

Storybox library has the book […]

Sharing our special stories on Mothers Day.

This weekend, in Australia, we celebrate Mother’s (and Grandmothers) day.

Why not share our own mother’s stories, as well as books from our booklist?

How many of us talk to our children- and tell them stories about our mothers,(or ourselves) when we were younger?

Or ask our mothers to share their stories on SKYPE or facetime?

We can […]

Australian Stories for World Read Aloud Day

100 Stories Before School
Literacy Calendar .
World Read Aloud Day – Australian stories.
World Read Aloud Day is today, March 4th.

We thought we would like to share  some stories from our 100 Stories Before School list, especially some Australian stories.We have taken the World Read Aloud categories of Belonging, Curiosity,Hope, Friendship,Kindness,Courage and Confidence and found a […]

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