Make a street library? Easy peasy!

I’ve just completed  a workshop at Street Library Australia with  expert help from Nic,Stephen, and other attendees.

Ready to go were Dads with their kids,a teacher, and some enthusiastic other ladies. It was a breeze and a lot of fun.

All the materials had been pre cut, we just needed to learn how to use a […]

We’re making a street library

So….what’s a ‘little street library”?
It’s a small community library offering free books to your local community.

Most libraries encourage swapping a book for a book.

I don’t think it matters, as long as there’s always enough books in the street library to choose from.Our library will have a mixture of kids and adults books, with some from […]

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Reading with book chewing toddlers on the run

We’ve just taken part in the “Read Aloud Hour” in Australia with our little toddler grandson ( just 1 year old).

How did we choose books for a newly walking, book chewing,toddler ?

At times we only get 2 pages in, but it all adds up.

We looked for some books with:

interactions with babies/toddlers – preferably in photographs
new […]

Chinese New Year -Monkey stories, rhymes and more.

Preschool Chinese New Year Resources 2016
Sydney has luminous displays of the animals of the zodiac for Chinese New Year.

Houses around us are decorated and our shops are full of red and gold decorations.We’re welcoming the year of the monkey , a “charming, inventive and successful, confident, enthusiastic, flexible and happy character.”

Kids love monkeys so […]

Why Imagination matters- Little Red Riding Hood.

Books are a gateway for children to develop their own imagination. Imagination leads to creativity.

Creativity leads to many different ways of  learning -essential in coming years, where many children will have to reinvent their careers as adults.

I always think of the “Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” as a visual symbol of opening a door […]

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Help your child make their own starting school story

School readiness-
make your own stories
Many children visit their school before their first day.

It’s an ideal opportunity to take photographs or make drawings for a book, (or “social story”) that can be shared until your child starts school.

Children who help make the story have ownership,putting in whatever is most important to them.

Social stories can be:

Small […]

“the Brothers Quibble”- Simultaneous Storytime

Each year in Simultaneous Storytime, thousands of Australian children all share the same book at the same time.

It’s held at your local library and some schools, early education centres, playgroups or community groups.Whether or not you can attend a group,here are lots of resources to help make it loads of fun.

Storybox library has the book […]

Sharing our special stories on Mothers Day.

This weekend, in Australia, we celebrate Mother’s (and Grandmothers) day.

Why not share our own mother’s stories, as well as books from our booklist?

How many of us talk to our children- and tell them stories about our mothers,(or ourselves) when we were younger?

Or ask our mothers to share their stories on SKYPE or facetime?

We can […]

Australian Stories for World Read Aloud Day

100 Stories Before School
Literacy Calendar .
World Read Aloud Day – Australian stories.
World Read Aloud Day is today, March 4th.

We thought we would like to share  some stories from our 100 Stories Before School list, especially some Australian stories.We have taken the World Read Aloud categories of Belonging, Curiosity,Hope, Friendship,Kindness,Courage and Confidence and found a […]

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Dinosaur Rocket for story time fun.

Book Review : Dinosaur Rocket by Penny Dale. 
What would dinosaurs do on the moon? Find out with the latest book in Penny Dale’s successful Dinosaur series.

Combine lively dinosaurs with a countdown and you have a story that kids will almost learn by heart and demand to be read again and again. Particularly good for […]

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