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Why Imagination matters- Little Red Riding Hood.

Books are a gateway for children to develop their own imagination. Imagination leads to creativity.

Creativity leads to many different ways of  learning -essential in coming years, where many children will have to reinvent their careers as adults.

I always think of the “Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” as a visual symbol of opening a door […]

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Book Week- use your torch-see nursery rhyme pictures on your wall.

Book Week has been celebrated from Cairns library to Hobart schools in Australia this week.


seen some costume ideas from Pinterest

(Idea taken from http://lilliedale.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/book-fairy-costume.html)

Read a great selection of books to do with  the sun, stars moon and light.(Theme- “Books light up our world”) thanks for all the suggestions from My Little Bookcase.
And now we’re heading off […]

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Stories for wriggly little boys!

How do you  find books for younger boys, that hold their interest?

You don’t always need to read a whole book, when children’s attention is shorter.

You can just look at the pictures and chat a little about them.

Even if you read half of a book, it’s a start and you can come back to it […]